I am many things as an artist. I’m a sculptor, I like to draw and I take photographs. Each of these pursuits has it’s own subcategory, like with sculpting I could say that I’m only a figurative sculptor but I’m not, I’ve sculpted many different things and have enjoyed the challenge of it. When I draw it may be a detailed pencil drawing or pen and then using the pen it may be swirling lines or all tiny dots. With photography I love creating imagery that tells a story, whether it’s me in a field of snow or a composite of several different images or the intricate world of macro photography.


Over the years I thought that I couldn’t do all these things and not call myself an artist. I’ve now only begun to fully realize that all these things make up who I am and how I’ve come to define the phrase “I am an artist.”


I have a bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University in fine art printmaking and after graduating have taken many other art classes in other mediums. I've participated in solo and group shows, art hops and had representation in a beautiful gallery. Please see my biography page for more information.


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Fine Art America 



Visit the portfolio page for examples of my work. Please contact me at patricia@patriciagapske.com to discuss purchasing prints of my work, exhibiting my art at your place of business and any commission work you might have in mind including sculpture, drawings and photography sessions.